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25th January 2024
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We are aware that selling your house involves many factors. Additionally, there are a few common mistakes that are done when looking for that crucial buyer.

In order to assist that next step in life go a little bit more smoothly, below are some their professional advice and views.

Check out some of the items that are simple to fix before the next prospective buyer visits your house, but are also easy to overlook when selling.

1. Remember that first impressions count.

Consider what visitors will see when they first arrive at your house and whether there is anything you can do to ensure that the viewing experience gets off to the best possible start. Examining the state of your front door's exterior and, if you have one, the drive and garden can be crucial because you don't want to turn off a buyer before they've even entered.

Vaughan Schofield, Owner at Belvoir Wrexham, says: “I firmly believe that a viewer will make their minds up about whether the property is potentially the “one” within the first 20 to 30 seconds of the viewing. With this in mind, the front driveway, condition of the garden, external paint work and condition of the front door are far more important than many people realise – in some instances you might have lost your prospective buyer before they are even inside the property.”

Hannah Towers, Partner at Armitstead Barnett in Lancashire agrees, adding: “First impressions really do count. Some healthy spring plants, a clean-up of your front lawn, and clean drive and exterior will go a long way to helping viewers visualise your property as their dream home.”

2. Avoid displaying clutter.

A simpler, more organised environment will undoubtedly make it easier for a buyer to picture how their own belongings would fit in, even if we're not talking about empty rooms and walls here.“People want to see the bones of the property,” says Hannah.

“Make sure everything is hidden away when the photographers come – not only will viewers see your home as close to a blank canvas as possible, but it will also make the space look bigger!” she adds.

Do you have a lot of items that you can't hide? “Investing in some temporary storage will help potential buyers to focus on the home and space,” says Lee Koffman, Director & Head of Residential Sales at Robert Irving Burns in London.

3. Consider it more than just a business deal.

Buyers of real estate are considering more than just physical properties. They will be perusing your house as soon as they arrive, trying to decide if they could live there. Lee Koffman says: “It might sound obvious, but people are looking for a home, not a business or just a ‘property’. It’s paramount that sellers appeal to the emotional side of their prospective buyers, and it doesn’t just feel like a transaction.”

It's chilly outside and you have an energy-efficient heating system. Turn it on during a showing so that prospective purchasers can experience how cosy your house gets.

“Having the heating on from the entrance hall and throughout the house for example can help potential buyers imagine living in a new home they can settle down in. There’s nothing worse than opening the door to a cold home,” adds Lee.

4. Take into account the season.

Make sure everything, even the way you stage your house for showings, complements the season in which you're selling. For example, if you often spend summertime reclining on an outside sofa, set it up for viewings so potential buyers can see how you use the space.

5. Address any flaws but don't renovate just before listing.

Even while you want your house to appear its best for potential buyers, it doesn't make sense to undertake an expensive makeover just before putting it up for sale. Not only is it doubtful that the cost will be recovered from you when you sell it, but it also has the potential to be taken out by the next owner as soon as you give them the keys.

Donald Young, Consultant at James Agent in the Scottish Borders, says: “By all means, if something needs replacing, do that. But please don’t spend loads of money on an expensive new kitchen or bathroom fittings just before selling.”

Having said that, small repairs ought to be completed before showings (and before you're photographed).

“If there’s something simple that could do with fixing or updating, I’ll often ask the seller to do this before we take the photos and host viewings. It might be a minor issue – but potential buyers can get transfixed on a particular detail, and it can sabotage a sale. Don’t risk potentially losing thousands off the asking price, because you didn’t do a hundred pounds worth of repairs!” Lee Koffman adds.

6. Avoid putting pets in the spotlight.

Your viewer may be so enamoured of your pet that they end up diverting their attention from the house they are coming to visit, just as some prospective purchasers might not be animal lovers. Additionally, it's doubtful that you'll be open to parting with them in the transaction.

Donald Young says: “Unfortunately, it’s a big no to pets and we recommend to sellers to keep them out the way for viewings. Even if they love your pet, the potential buyer will end up playing with them and not focusing on your house! We even had one viewer ask us, “Is that the house with the black Labrador?”

7. Don't ignore the best features of your house.

Have a home office with a breathtaking view or a kitchen that is full with light? “If there’s a ‘best room’ in the house, make sure this is decorated and presented to perfection to really accentuate it,” says Vaughan Schofield, Owner at Belvoir Wrexham.

Even if there can be imperfections, emphasising your property's special feature will help buyers remember it long after they've been for a showing.

“Every home is unique and will have strengths and weaknesses – so make sure to lean into the home’s strengths,” he adds.


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